From 8 to 17 July 2019 in Patras, Greece, the “Bridges of Solidarity” Youth Exchange, organized by the Achaia Adult Education Institute, took place. Ten boys and girls from 17 to 21 years old, from Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile, partecipated to this Erasmus+ project, living a “European” experience made of collaboration, common ideals, desire to be together and think about how to build a better world.

Our Italian team lived for 10 days together with young people coming from Serbia, Spain, Romania, Turkey and, af course, Greece. The theme of the project is, as the title says, “solidarity” and all the teams were asked to create and develop innovative ways to create “bridges” able to help different people to meet and feel closer. Each team had been asked to “lead” one of the working days with performances, games, workshop and lessons. The Italian theme subject was “ human rights “ and participants had  worked hard to better prepare for their task: a small book collecting the Declaration of Human Rights in all the 6 languages of the project was given as a present; a power point to introduce to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and help the discussion on the subject; a boarg game, designed by them,  to stimulate people to understand their rights and recognize when and where they are not respected.

No doubt that this Youth Exchange will remain in the heart and mind of all those who took part to the project: an incredible experience of self consciousness and friendships; an occasion to grow as Europeans and become better and better citizens.

Thank to the Municipal Administration of Santa Croce sull’Arno which sponsored the project and in particular the cultural services always attentive to European projects, an important tool for growth for young people and adults.

A special thank to the team leader, the professor Katiuscia Pippia, and  her husban for their great support to the projeect and to all the girls and boys who participated enthusiastically in this experience, some of them even without the Erasmus mobility fund but paying all the travel and lodge expenses by themselves because eager to share this experience with their friends.

Leonardo Alderotti
Filippo Bombini
Jacopo Caciagli
Cristian Gabriel Calin
Benedetta Chiari
Beatrice Olmi
Vladislav Parfeniuc
Emma Pasolini
Lorenzo Salvadori
Dario Sbrana

We thank the cultural services of the Municipality of Santa Croce sull’Arno for the attention given to the project as a means of growth for young people.